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May. 20 2016 Will participate in Movie Score Malaga - MOSMA in Spain in June.
May. 7 2016 Appeared in French cable TV program "toco toco"
Apr. 23 2016 Original Soundtrack release "WORLD TRIGGER"
Apr. 6 2016 Original Soundtrack release "Kasouken no Onna Original soundtrack Part2"
Mar. 16 2016 Compose music for TV NHK historical drama "Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru2-Mouse, run in Edo2"
Feb. 25 2016 BGM compose for a live action movie "GARMWARS"
Compose music for TV animation "Mobpsycho 100"
Jan. 20 2016 itune store in "Apocalypse Stalin (Isabelle Costelle and Daniel Clarke's Series Original Score)"
Jan. 10 2016 The music of "The complex (Kuroyuri Danchi)" collected in "STUDIO SELECTION-Nikkatsu Movie Music - Vol.1"
Jan. 7 2016 Compose music for TV animation "JOKER GAME"
Nov. 14 2015 BGM compose for Hong Kong live action movie "IP MAN3"
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