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Sep. 13 2014 Compose music for TV animation "WORLD TRIGGER"
Original Soundtrack release "BORDER"
Aug. 12 2014 Original Soundtrack 2 release "THE NEXT GENERATION-PATLABOR"
Jul. 17 2014 Movie release "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon" release on August 2nd 2014
Jun. 13 2014 Compose music for NHK's upcoming 2015 Taiga drama "Hana Moyu / Flower Burns (literal title)"
Jun. 05 2014 Original Soundtrack release "Barakamon"
Jun. 03 2014 CD release "Kenji Kawai Original Masters vol.1 - NHK Special"
CD release "Kenji Kawai Original Masters vol.2 - Apocalypse - The Second World War"
CD release "Kenji Kawai Original Masters vol.3 - Works for NHK"
May 09 2014 Original Soundtrack release "Sound of MONSTERZ"
Apr. 12 2014 A main theme music (ringtone) of TV drama "BORDER" is available for downloading at Tere Asa Sound
Apr. 11 2014 Original Soundtrack release "THE NEXT GENERATION-PATLABOR"
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