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Dec. 16 2022 Composed and arranged the music for Mina Tominaga’s new single "Wings~sing your life~"
"Hikarino O" (The King of Fire Hunting) will broadcast every Saturday, start on January 14, 2023 at 10:30 p.m. on WOWOW Prime
"Mobpsycho 100 III" OST will release
Interview with Kawai on SONICWIRE's 15th anniversary project is available on YouTube
Dec. 1 2022 In charged the music for TV documentary NHK special "Series unsolved case File. 09 Seicho Matsumoto and Tei-gin Bank Incident"
Oct. 24 2022 In charge of the music for the Japanese anime "Ensemble Stars!" project's Reminiscence Selection of "Element"
Toku-"Touken Ran-bu-Hanamaru-" ~Setsu-Getsu-Ka~ Original soundtrack released
Oct. 17 2022 In charged the music for Japanese TV drama "Kasouken no Onna" (The woman of science criminal investigation laboratory)
Oct. 3 2022 In charge the music for Japanese TV animation "My Home Hero"
Sep. 27 2022 In charge the music for Japanese animation "Hikari no ou" (King of the fire Hunt) by WOWOW original
Sep. 13 2022 "PATLABOR EZY" in charged the music for the pilot video
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