***How to use Kenji Kawai's music for your program***

Jun. 06 2017 Compose music for TV program "Ultraman GEED"
Jun. 03 2017 Online music distribute JCAA meets TheGLEE "Musiculture vol.2"
Apr. 30 2017 Compose music for Chinese live action movie "Brotherhood of Blades 2: Infernal battlefield"
Mar. 28 2017 Charged of short drama series "Sand Whale and Me" for American TV channel Toonami
Mar. 24 2017 Commissioned work for the Waseda Glee Club at the 66th Tokyo Big 6 University Chorus Federation Concert "Bereavement Morning"
Mar. 22 2017 Charged of the ending music of the live action movie "Ghost in the Shell"
Mar. 8 2017 "Kyoto, let's go." CM song full version is included in Ms. Minami Risa's album "Blend"
Feb. 26 2017 Participate in "Tokushima International Short Film Festival 2017"
Feb. 11 2017 "The Brand-New Concert 2017 - The world of greatly expending music in the fusion of electronic musical instruments and orchestras" on March 29th 2017
Jan. 7 2017 Hong Kong movie release "Ip Man Continuing (Ip Man 3)" on April 22nd 2017
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