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Nov. 26 2016 In charge of the music for TV program "Furutachi Talking History Chu-shin-gura"
Nov. 19 2016 In charge of the opening music of the movie "GHOST IN THE SHELL"
Nov. 6 2016 Compose music for a special TV drama "5 Nenme-no Hitori (One of the five year)"
Oct. 16 2016 Compose music for a TV drama "Kasouken no Onna-Season 16"
Oct. 9 2016 Join talk show by Director Mamoru Oshii feature at "Cinema Novecento"
Oct. 7 2016 Arranged music for Central Japan Railway Company's TV CM "Souda-Kyoto (My Favorite Things)"
Oct. 2 2016 Compose music for TV historical drama "Goemon Ishikawa"
Sep. 10 2016 Original Soundtrack release "Mobscycho 100"
Aug. 20 2016 Compose music for TV animation "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru"
Aug. 14 2016 Compose music for a short animation "PATLABOR - REBOOT"
Will have a guest appearance on Shinagawa-Artist Show 2016
Aug. 6 2016 Composed music for "Nobunaga no Yabou Yuushi no Sho"
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