***How to use Kenji Kawai's music for your program***

Sep. 21 2017 Compose music for TV Asahi Special drama "BORDER2 Shoku-zai (Penance)"
Appear on Talk live at Asagaya Loft A
Sep. 09 2017 Compose music for NHK Special TV drama "Doko-nimo nai Kuni (There is no countory anywhere)"
Aug. 10 2017 Movie released of "The Chorus Plus IV" made at Suntory Hall Blue Rose is available on Youtube
Aug. 05 2017 To award "The Jecheon Asia Film Music Honorary Award 2017" at JIMFF (The 13th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in Republic of Korea)
Jul. 30 2017 Compose music for TV program "KAMEN RIDER BUILD"
Composed music for English study applicatin for kids "Magna and an interesting girl"
Appear in TOKYO FM Radio "A Music Sheet of Kaitai Shinsho"
Jul. 27 2017 Online music distribute Original soundtrack of "BIOHAZARD:VENDETTA"
Jul. 20 2017 Original Soundtrack release "Ultraman GEED"
iTunes Store Online distribute "Ultraman GEED Original Sound Track"
Jul. 14 2017 Original Soundtrack release Japanese live action movie "Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimino mono (The world is yours from today)"
Compose music for Japanese animation movie "Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no, Hana wo Kaza rou (Let's decorate flower bouquet which we promised at our separating morning)"
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